Polish miner dies in Czech coal mine

Karvina, North Moravia, Jan 29 (CTK) – A Polish miner died in an accident during the transport of the employees in a coal mine on Monday, Ivo Celechovsky, spokesman for the OKD mining company, has told journalists.

When it was found out that he did not arrive along with a group of miners to the expected place, a search for him immediately started. His body was found near the transport route, Celechovsky said.

“A doctor was immediately called on. He confirmed the death of the Polish miner,” he added.

The accident occurred at the Dulni zavod 1, which comprises the mines CSA, Lazy and Darkov, at 03:00. The miner was an employee of the Alpex supplier firm.

“The cause of the lethal accident is being investigated by a commission comprising the Mining Office, the police, OKD, Alpex and trade unions,” Celechovsky said.

It is the first lethal accident in OKD this year. In 2016 and 2017, two people died in either year. Last December, a Polish miner, 55, died in a cave-in and in February another Polish miner, aged 52.



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