Death toll rises to eight in northern China coal mine landslide

The death toll in a coal mine landslide in Heshun, Shanxi Province, has now risen to eight.

The rescue operation, consisting of 13 excavators and 33 vehicles, found the remains of a further four victims on Wednesday and Thursday. It has been ongoing since the local government reversed its previous stance and confirmed on Tuesday that four people had been killed and five others were missing in the landslide, which occurred on August 11.

Beforehand, the local government denied reports that injuries had occurred and local police even arrested a netizen for posting a rumour regarding the number of casualties online.

Also on Tuesday, the director of the Heshun Coal Mine Administrative Bureau, Zhang Ruiqing, was removed from office for failing to discover that there were casualties, a fact that was not revealed until a coal mine official surrendered himself to local police on the same day. The arrested netizen has been set free from administrative detention.


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