Chinese workers among three killed in Turkish mine accidents

Three miners, including two Chinese miners, were killed in two separate mine accidents in the Black Sea region of Turkey on Saturday.

Two Chinese workers died in a private mine in the Black Sea province of Bartın after part of the structure collapsed early on Saturday.
The collapse took place in the private HEMA coal mine run by Hattat Holding in the Amasra district of Bartın. Five miners managed to escape the collapse while three were trapped underground. Shouping Sun, 40, was rescued soon after the collapse by his colleagues and taken to the Bartın State Hospital. Search and rescue teams retrieved the dead body of Maoshun Yang, 38, and Shoujle Sun, 37, few hours after the collapse.

Reports say the miners working in the mine had a meeting with the owners of the mine on Friday night and asked them to step up security measures in the mine following the recent mine accident in the town of Ermenek in Karaman province. Eighteen miners have been trapped since Monday in a flooded coal mine outside Ermenek.

In a separate incident on Saturday, another miner died after a mine wagon crash in a private coal mine in the Zonguldak province. Mustafa Turan, 46, was heavily injured when an empty mine wagon crashed into him while working in the mine. He died soon after the crash.


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