‘Miner’ killed in rock fall (Zambia)

A 50-YEAR-OLD suspected illegal miner of Mwinilunga has died after a rock fell on him while digging for copper ore at Jonas Enterprise Mukumaziba mine in Kalengelenge. North-Western Province commissioner of Police Eugene Sibote said yesterday the accident happened last Thursday.

Mr Sibote identified the deceased as Dickson Mangwela of Chief Kakoma’s area. “We had a report of a mine accident in which a 50-year-old illegal miner died after a rock fell on him,” Mr Sibote said. He said police visited the scene and retrieved the body.

Mr Sibote said some illegal miners who were with Mr Mangwela ran away after the accident. And police in Mufumbwe have arrested 30 people for alleged criminal trespass at Kalengwa Mine. Mr Sibote said of the 30 suspects, 13 are women and 17 are men.

He said police conducted an operation in the area and recovered 21.8 tonnes of copper ore over the weekend. “Police carried out an operation at Kalengwa mine in Mufumbwe following reports that the mine had been invaded by illegal miners and we arrested 30 people who were found with various quantities of copper ore.

He also said police have arrested Kaumba Kalombwana, the driver of a Mitsubishi Canter light truck which the illegal miners were allegedly using to ferry copper ore. Mr Sibote said police have charged Kalombwana with conveying suspected stolen property.  He also said police recovered 6.2 tonnes of copper ore from some houses near Kalengwa mine and tools used in illegal mining. Police also confiscated  nine picks, six shovels, four scales, 13 metal bars, five hammers and three spears.

He urged people to stop illegal mining because it is a danger to their lives and it also frustrates investors.



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