Two dead in landslide outside coal mine in western Turkey

At least two people were killed and two others injured after a landslide right outside the main entrance of a coal mine in western Turkish province of Balıkesir.

The landslide took place near the entrance of the coal mine in Gözlüçayır neighborhood of İvrindi district. Workers Mehmet Tunç (35), Ramazan Baraç (37), Ramazan Argun and İsmail Manay trapped under the mud.

Another worker Mehmet Baraç could immediately enter the mine and pull out Argun and Manay alive from the mud, but he could not save his nephew Baraç and Tunç.

Baraç called disaster authorities, who retrieved their bodies.

Wounded workers Argun and Manay were taken to İvrindi State Hospital and their health situation is well. Bodies of Baraç and Tunç were taken to the same hospital for an autopsy. Meanwhile, Balıkesir Governor Ahmet Turhan and provincial Gendarmerie Commander Col. Salih Göldal came to the scene of the incident for inspections.



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