One killed in coal mine accident in southern Turkey

One miner was killed in an accident on June 1 in a coal mine in the Elbistan district of the southern province of Kahramanmaraş.

Ali Çankay, 24, was wounded in an accident in the coal mine Afşin-Elbistan lignite (AEL) operating institution and died in the hospital. Çankay was severely wounded when a machine used to break coal hit his head as he climbed on the conveyor belt to fix a mistake.

He was hospitalized at the Elbistan state Hospital, but could not be saved. His body was sent to Malatya forensics for an autopsy. An investigation is has been opened to look into the incident.

The accident came two weeks after the country was choked with its worst mining accident in its history in the Aegean province of Soma where 301 miners were killed in a coal mining accident, largely believed to be the result of neglect.


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