Coal Mine Flooding in China Claims 5 Lives, 17 missing

The flooding of the coal mine in Yunnan province in China has so far claimed the lives of five miners. The death toll in the flooding of the Xiahaizi coal mine has risen to five following the recovery of four more bodies on. It is now feared that there at least 17 more miners still trapped in the mine that was flooded on April 7.

Citing the statement from the emergency response and rescue headquarters, Xinhua has reported that rescue workers have recovered the four bodies in the pit of the Xiahaizi coal mine that is located in the district of Qilin in the city of Qujing at about 1 PM, which had brought up the death toll to five.

The accident, which had taken place on April 7, had trapped at least 26 workers who had been working underground. Of the trapped, four workers had earlier been rescued, while one body had been recovered.

It is believed by investigators that the flooding is the result of an explosion that subsequently released subterranean water into the mine.

The search for the remaining 17 workers is going on.


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