3 Die in mining accident in Dominican Republic

Dominican emergency teams on Tuesday are seeking the bodies of two of the three men who died as they were exploring for gold in a deep excavation in Los Jimenez, near the border with Haiti.

The incident occurred on Monday and so far only the body of Ramon Herrera, a civil engineer, has been recovered.

The other two victims are Mario Santana Duran and Custodio de los Santos, according to authorities.

Injured in the incident were Jesus Gutierrez and Virgilio de la Rosa, who were taken to Matias Ramon Mella Hospital in Dajabon.

Eyewitnesses told reporters that the three men died after another unidentified person turned on an electric plant where they were looking for gold.

The preliminary report by the physician who examined Herrera’s body says that he died from carbon monoxide inhalation and that probably his two companions had died from the same cause.

Meanwhile, Canada-based miner Unigold, which is in charge of the excavation work, denied responsibility for the deaths of the three workers and the injuries suffered by the other two men.

Unigold said that the people who were affected allegedly were not authorized to undertake the prospecting search.



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