Gold miner, 22, dies from gas poisoning in Sagada, Mountain Province

CAMP DANGWA, Benguet — The police office in Sagada, Mountain Province has confirmed the death of a 22-year-old gold miner in the town due to gas poisoning inside an abandoned mine tunnel.

Police Senior Superintendent Davvy Limmong, public information officer of the Police Regional Office Cordillera (PROCOR), quoted the town’s report which identified the victim as Ely Malidong, a native of Sagada who was found by rescuers on Wednesday sprawled inside the abandoned gold mine tunnel. Authorities believe the victim also died on Wednesday.

Residents told police investigators that a similar case happened sometime in 2013 when two brothers ventured in small-scale mining in abandoned mining pits.

Despite great prospects of finding gold in the hinterland town some 100 kilometers north of Baguio City, Sagada is now a tourist destination because of its wonderful subterranean caves characterized with the presence of natural pools and springs.

The town is now popular in agricultural ventures because of its commercial scale production of big Sagada oranges, persimmon, apples, and other temperate fruits which were brought by European missionaries many years ago.

Sagada is also known for its fine pottery and colder weather than the summer capital of Baguio City as the valley town is situated some 5,000 feet above sea level in the Cordillera mountain range.


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