Two people killed at Geita Gold Mine pit

Two people died in an accident at Geita Gold Mining Limited’s (GGM) Nyankanga Pit Cut 2 following a substantial plane failure caused by of illegal mining activities. The Geita District Authorities and Geita Gold Mining Limited (GGM) confirmed the death of two individuals in the accident on Tuesday.

Speaking at the scene, Geita District commissioner Manzie Mangochie said: “Surrounding communities need to join hands in these efforts and stop illegal mining activities by forming Sungusungu (community police) who will identify individuals who are committing this crime.” He added: “What is happening now is trespassing and stealing from lease areas. This is illegal, dangerous and fatal.”

A statement availed to The Guardian yesterday said that at approximately 18h30 on Tuesday, GGM’s Rapid Response Unit was informed by community members of an accident at Nyankanga Pit Cut 2 – a substantial plane failure had taken place as a result of illegal mining activities in the pit.

It said the police were called to the site and a joint effort to rescue the two individuals trapped under the debris followed.

One person was seriously injured and was rushed to the Geita District hospital, but was pronounced dead on Wednesday.

Efforts to rescue the second individual continued overnight with GGM’s rescue team supporting the police by providing light and lifter bags, as well as using tools to move massive rocks to assist in the rescue effort.

The operation continued until 10h00 on Wednesday morning when the body of the second person was recovered and identified as a resident of Nyankumbu village. The police have transferred the body of the deceased to Geita District Hospital.

Geita Resident mines officer Ally Said said: “The law requires anyone interested to do mining business must obtain a license. Youths need to form groups and come to our offices for more information and procedures which can help them get engaged legally in the business in other identified areas.”


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