Migori gold miner, 26, suffocates from diesel generator fumes

A gold-miner suffocated to the death at the weekend at Masara area in Migori District, a month after five miners died in the same area. Douglas Okello, 26, is believed to have died from the effects of carbon monoxide inside the mine.

“Okello died when he entered the mine after his colleagues had used a diesel powered generator to pump out rain water before starting to dig for gold,” Yogo Tumbo, 45, the area chief said.

Tumbo said the victim was not aware of the danger when he entered the hole. “The body was retrieved at around 6pm on Saturday and taken to a local hospital’s mortuary,” he said.

Earlier this month five gold miners died in the same area after suffocating from carbon monoxide poisoning in a 45 foot mine which prompted the mines in the area to be closed by the government. Eight miners got trapped in the hole, including three rescuers who suffocated when they tried to help their colleagues.

The death comes after the government opened the mines as ward representatives from gold mining areas vowed to introduce a motion in the county assembly that seeks to control gold mining.



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