Chingola miner feared dead (Zambia)

AN illegal miner in Chingola is feared dead after the disused pit he was quarrying from caved in.

The unidentified illegal miner who was trapped at CHOP F disused pit at Konkola Copper Mine (KCM) open pit formerly mined by Moolmans, had not been retrieved by midday yesterday.

Copperbelt police chief Mary Tembo confirmed the incident in an interview yesterday.

Ms Tembo said the illegal miner was still trapped and that no attempts had been made to retrieve the body as doing so would result in the loss of more lives.

“The illegal miner who is said to have been trapped on Saturday is still under the rocks and all attempts that have been made have proved
to be fruitless.

“We fear that any more attempts would result in the loss of more lives  because this mine has been closed and is not functional. The ground is very loose,” she said.

Chingola Mayor Cuthbert Kalebaila, who visited the scene, said the situation was dangerous and there was no hope of retrieving him.

Mr Kalebaila said the illegal miner was trapped about 10 metres below the rocks.

“The situation is hopeless and it is very risky to make any attempts to go under there. Government inspectors, mine officials, safety
personnel have all confirmed this and the last resort would be to let go,” he said.


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