Fire in coal mine tunnel kills three, critically injures two (Malaysia)

SRI AMAN: Three workers died, two in critical condition while eight were injured after a fire broke inside the tunnel of a coal mine here yesterday.

According to Sri Aman police chief DSP Mat Jusoh Muhammad, he was informed by the manager of the coal mine company that all victims were China citizens.

The incident happened around 8am yesterday.

According to a source, more than 10 men, aged 30 to 50, were on their way into the coal mine when a spark suddenly triggered the fire in the tunnel, which is said to contain “some sort of gas” that was highly flammable.

Most of the workers managed to escape from the flames except for five, who were “too close to the fire”.

“Those who managed to escape earlier, along with others waiting near the tunnel’s entrance, tried to go in and get the five workers out of the tunnel.

“One of the five died on the spot,” said the source.

Another two were pronounced dead upon arrival a private medical centre near Mile 3 Jalan Penrissen.

The remaining two were referred to Sarawak General Hospital and admitted to Red Zone of the emergency unit.

At press time, both are still in critical condition.

Meanwhile, eight of the China workers were admitted to the private hospital but none was critical.

Police are still investigating the incident.


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