Young miner dies in coal mine accident (Serbia)

Zaječar — A 24-year-old miner died in late on Sunday in the Lubnica lignite mine, located near the town of Zaječar, in eastern Serbia.

According to reports, the victim was “literally crushed” by a mechanism used to as part of a conveyor belt that carries the coal.

A local court has order a post-mortem to be performed, while mining inspectors and police investigated the scene early this morning.

The deadly accident happened some 400 meters under ground. His colleagues said that the miner was alone in that part of the pit when he died, and speculated that he was trying to clean the area in front of a rotating drum when it “caught and pulled him in”, crushing him to death.

This halted the conveyor belt, which was a signal to others that something was amiss, said reports.

The Belgrade-based Blic tabloid also writes today the miner who found the victim “almost fainted at the sight”.

“Under the metal drum, which crushes even the hardest rocks and powers the conveyor belt, was the unrecognizable body of our colleague. The drum literally sucked him in and ground him,” the miners recounted the grisly details.


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