Six Gold Miners Killed As Walls Collapse

Six miners were yesterday killed in a disastrous afternoon cave-in at a gold mine in a remote area of Nyabisawa location in Migori district. The disaster occurred near Nyamome trading centre in the mine rich area of Migori county after the walls of the mine caved in on the miners who had been working in the mine for over eight hours in the same area.

Migori deputy police boss James Mwangi said the six men went into the mines early in the morning but were not lucky enough to come out due to the weak soil that yielded to pressure before the walls caved in. “The bodies of six people have already been recovered,” said Mwangi Migori who led the operation to retrieve the trapped bodies from the mines.

He said only the deceased were in the mine when the accident occurred and that five died on the spot while another one succumbed to death while undergoing treatment after he had been rescued from the rabbles. Locals however gave a different account of the disaster, saying over 10 miners were in the mine before its walls caved in at 2pm yesterday.

The incident comes amid a spate of other mine-related accidents in the region and its environs with the latest being the killing of three people including a foreigner at the nearby Rachuonyo Gold Mines. So far this year, more than 30 people have been killed in mining accidents in Migori, most of them as a result of cave-ins in tunnels. He said, one of the victims was rescued with serious injuries but later died while undergoing treatment.

The OCPD, said as a result of many deaths in the mines, authorities have closed all the mining activities and are filling up the mines until when the mining community embrace modern technology. “We have closed all the mines and we are filling them up with the help of the community, so far all mining activities have been suspended until a later date when they will start using modern technology.


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