3 killed in Mexico mine collapse

On Saturday, Mexican Labor Minister Javier Lozano announced the deaths of the three miners, adding that 132 miners were working in the Esmeralda mine operated by Minera del Norte, an affiliate of Mexican steelmaker Altos Hornos de Mexico, at the time of the incident, Reuters reported.

“I believe in all honesty that they [all 4] are presumably dead,” Lozano said.

Sixty-six rescue workers have been sent to the collapsed mine.

Lozano said the incident is being investigated to determine if it happened because of violations of regulations.

In May 2011, the dead bodies of all 14 miners trapped in a coal mine that collapsed in an explosion in northern Mexico were recovered by search teams.

In 2006, 65 miners died in an explosion in a mine in the town of San Juan de Sabinas. Rescuers eventually recovered the bodies of two miners from the 2006 blast, but tons of wood, rock, and metal, as well as toxic gas, prevented the recovery of the bodies of the other victims.



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