Death toll in two mine accidents in Ukraine rises to 36

The death toll from two mine accidents in eastern Ukraine has risen to 36 people, the Ukrainian Emergencies Ministry reported on Sunday.

The first accident occurred in the Luhansk Region when a blast hit the Sukhodilska-Vostochnaya mine operated by Metinvest, Ukraine’s largest steel producer, early on Friday. There were 28 miners inside the mine at the time of the explosion.

“The death toll from the mine accident has risen to 26 people. The search and rescue operation is over,” the ministry said.

Earlier reports put the death toll at 24 people.

The second accident occurred on Friday morning in the neighboring Donetsk Region when an elevator used to transport miners and equipment collapsed in the Bazhanov mine, killing ten and injuring another four miners. One miner is still missing.

Previous reports put the death toll at eight people.

The Ukrainian authorities have announced July 31 as a day of mourning for those killed in the mine accidents.

Mining accidents are frequent in Ukraine. In 2007, more than 100 miners died in a blast at a mine near Donetsk.


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