Second miner dies in Czech NWR coal pit accident

PRAGUE, July 14 (Reuters) – One miner died and another was injured in an accident at a New World Resources coal pit in the north-east of the Czech Republic on Thursday, the company said, the second fatality in as many days.

It happened in the same site as a fatality on Wednesday in the CSA section of the Karvina mine. Like the first accident, Thursday’s was also a result of an underground tremor, said Ladislav Sobol, spokesman for mine operator OKD.

“There was a tremor at a depth of roughly 1,020 metres, and during the tremor a miner was killed,” he said.

He could not say whether the event would halt production at the mine but added the first accident would not impair output.

Karvina, which also includes the Lazy site, produces more than 4 million tonnes of coal a year.

NWR said it was investigating the accident along with Czech regional mining authorities and results should be known in 30 days.


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