Another miner stabbed to death in Guyana’s interior

A team of policemen has been dispatched to the Aranka Main Landing to investigate yet another murder in Guyana’s mining community. The victim of the latest murder which occurred around23:30 hours on Friday is a 30-year-old man known as ‘Tall Man.” He was stabbed to death in the Arangoy, Cuyuni River Region Seven mining district.

According to reports Tall Man was involved in an argument with another man, who stabbed him once in the chest. He died before receiving medical attention.

Divisional Commander, Assistant Commissioner David Ramnarine, confirmed reports of an argument between the victim and another man, which arose as a result of a female who was in the company of Tall Man.
He said that from initial reports the victim was stabbed when the other man attempted to remove the female from his company.

“A team of policemen who had left for the Ikowan area on what I would term a community awareness patrol has been contacted and was instructed to make their way to the area where the murder occurred. (The location) is some two to three hours by boat from Ikowan to Aranka Main Landing,” Assistant Commissioner Ramnarine told this newspaper.

He indicated that as far as he is aware, no one has been arrested so far. “But it is clear that the tolerance level of these men in these mining areas is very low or limited and it also seems that their ability to restrain themselves from violent behaviour is directly affected by their consumption of intoxicating drink,” the Commander told Kaieteur News.
The majority of murders in the mining districts have been classified as disorderly. “To my mind this is a bigger social problem than just the effort of law enforcement,” Ramnarine said.


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