Seven Miners Died in 16 Hours

Seven artisanal miners have died in sixteen hours at the Nalaikh Coal Mine, over 35 kilometers from the capital of Ulaanbaatar City.

On March 15, six artisanal miners aged 25-30 found dead at the abandoned mine in Nalaikh. When rescuers entered into a bench, in which six miners worked, they all were already dead.

After sixteen hours of this accident which took lives of six youngsters, another coal miner died at the same mine. The rescuers found the body of 32 year-old male in the 70 meters depth.

Investigators say the miners were apparently killed because of lack of oxygen and of the toxic fumes. The investigation is underway by local police.

Last year, some eighteen miners died at the Nalaikh Coal Mine because of incompliance with safety rules. Since the beginning of 2011, ten miners were killed in the mine so far.


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