School closed to mine coal? Tell Consol Energy what you think!

Sand Hill Elementary School in West Virginia is closing so that Consol Energy can mine coal.

Let them know what you think: email the Director of Public Relations:

Here’s the email I sent:

Dear Mr. Cerenzia,

I have posted news that Consol Energy is about to mine coal on the grounds of a public school in Dallas, WV (and shuttered Sand Hill Elementary while the mining takes place) on my heavily trafficked blog, Coal Mountain. The blog publicizes deaths in the global mining industry and other malignant actions of the mining sector.  Closing a school to mine coal — really? Is that how much you value education in West Virginia? Then again, kids who suffer from having their school closed, of having to move to a new school, of having their education and sense of “home” in their elementary school disrupted for Consol Energy’s mining operatiions… a quiter, less-well educated public only allows you to continue to do things like this, right?

In hopes that this will be the first of many emails you hear on this subject.

Mark Nowak

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