Miner dies in Silesia coal mine

One man died last night at the Rydułtowy-Anna coal mine in Silesia southern Poland after a powerful earth tremor measuring 2.5 of the Richter scale trapped four miners deep underground.

The tremor occurred at around 22.30 CET last night trapping the men around 1,000 metres underground, said spokesman at the colliery Zbigniew Madej.

Rescuers worked throughout the morning freeing them men. Before 06.00 CET, three men were freed alive although one is seriously injured with several broken bones.

The dead miner leaves a wife and three children.

This is the third accident to occur at the Rydułtowy-Anna this year. On August 5 a 42 year-old miner died in an accident near the coal face and in March a miner died after another earth tremor caused rock fall.



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