Miner dies in Durgapur Colliery (India)

CHANDRAPUR: Death of a miner in Durgapur Rayyatwari Colliery (DRC) underground mine number 4 in WCL Chandrapur area on Tuesday has sparked a fresh controversy. WCL unions held the management responsible for the death and alleged that miner Atmaram Khanekar died due to lack of safety measures. However, the officials maintained that Khanekar’s death has nothing to do with safety in the mine and said that he died of some ailment.

Notably, fire was detected in a large coal pillar at 23 level-98 rise section of DRC underground mine number 4 on October 8 following which production was stalled for three days. The work resumed in the mine on Monday afternoon after rescue teams from WCL headquarters, Nagpur, and central workshop Tadali sealed the burning section with airtight walls. Around 11.30am on Tuesday, Atmaram Khanekar (50), an explosives carrier, was working at 27 level-126 rise with three others. Suddenly, he complained of feeling dizziness and vomited. The fellow miners immediately took him towards the entrance of the mine. “He was unwell and vomited all along the way to the surface. He collapsed near the entrance and was taken on a stretcher. We immediately took him to sub-area hospital where doctors declared him brought dead,” said fellow miner Sunil Satname who was with Khanekar in the mine.

Union leaders shouted slogans and raised a question mark on the functioning of the mine management at sub-area hospital where the body of Khanekar was kept. As tension mounted, cops were summoned to the hospital by WCL authorities.

The WCL authorities however denied the charges. TN Jha, CGM, Chandrapur area, said that the possibility of the miner’s death due to leakage of gas from the sealed area was remote.



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