Miner has died in Blackwater Hospital (Australia)

A miner has died in Blackwater Hospital from horrific injuries suffered when he was pinned under a vehicle that rolled at Curragh mine yesterday.

A contract on-site medical team and mines rescue crew were first responders to the incident on ramp 16 at 10.50am which claimed the life of the 55-year-old Salmon Earthmoving Services contractor.

He was thrown from the four-wheel drive and went into cardiac arrest shortly afterward, with reports he was revived by paramedics

but his condition quickly deteriorated.

Three other workers in the vehicle were treated for minor injuries.

“When we were halfway to the mine site, we were redirected to Blackwater Hospital… when we walked into the room the man had gone into cardiac arrest and he has been deceased,” RACQ Capricorn Helicopter Rescue paramedic Matthew Brandon told Central Queensland News.

“He had severe head and internal injuries, multiple fractures, and went downhill quickly.”

Operations at Curragh mine were shut down and workers confined to crib rooms or main workshops until 3.30pm as Blackwater police and Emerald scenes of crime officers began compiling a report for the coroner.

Department of Minerals and Energy staff were also on site. Wesfarmers Curragh has launched a separate investigation into the tragedy.

The mine’s executive general manager Rod Bridges confirmed the family had been notified, but requested no details are released publicly at this stage.

He said the incident appeared to be one where the driver lost control, although there is no confirmation of what role, if any, a dump truck parked nearby has played.

As a mark of respect, the mine has suspended operations for 24 hours.

“On behalf of Wesfarmers Curragh, I extend our deepest sympathy to the family, friends and workmates of the contractor… our hearts go out (to them),” Mr Bridges said.

“We are doing everything we can to care for the family of the worker, and our employees and contractors affected by the incident.

“Professional counselling is available and is being provided on site and we are also doing everything we can to assist authorities investigating the incident.”

Unconfirmed reports point to the deceased man not wearing a seatbelt.

Central Queensland News understands the contracted medical staff at the mine are unable to administer drugs and pain relief without a direct phone call to a doctor. They are also unable to transfer patients off site.

There was another incident at the mine in early August with initial reports of two people trapped in a heavy vehicle incident, but it turned out to be an on-site exercise.



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