Blast at Colombia coal mine kills eight and traps at least 70

A blast at a coalmine in Colombia has killed at least eight miners and left at least 70 trapped underground, officials say.

The explosion happened late on Wednesday at the San Fernando mine in Amaga in Antioquia province.

Officials say there is little likelihood of finding survivors.

“To be honest there is not much [hope], very little, practically none,” Luz Amanda Pulido, a national disaster official, told local radio.

The blast happened at 2200 local time on Wednesday when miners were changing shift, officials said.

For that reason, the exact number of people inside the mine was unclear, they said.

Rescuers were trying again to access to the mine on Thursday morning.

It is not yet clear what caused the blast but officials said there may have been a build-up of gases.

Colombia is one of the world’s largest coal exporters.


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