Manganese mine cave-in kills two

Two miners, one of them an adolescent, were killed and another seriously injured when a manganese mine caved in Saturday in Naioni subdistrict, Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara province. Those killed were identified as 43-year-old Simon Linsini and 12-year-old Etri Linsini, both from the same family. Another miner, 14-year-old Defrid Amnesi, escaped with serious injuries.

“We were about 5 meters from the mouth of the tunnel,” Defrid said. “Suddenly the tunnel started to collapse and we were all hit by falling rocks and earth.

“I lost consciousness for a while. When I woke up, I was half buried in rocks and dirt.” Defrid and the two dead miners were pulled out of the cave-in by a rescue team and local residents.

Local police concluded the cave-in was an accident.

Mining manganese is a popular job in the neighborhood. A neighborhood unit chief in Naioni, Urbanus Penu, said that particular mine had been in operation for years without incident. “Many of the residents here mine for a living,” he said.

“They mine up to 2 tons of manganese a day, which they then sell to middlemen.”


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