Polish miner killed by earth tremor in north Moravia


Ostrava – A Polish miner died in an earth tremor in the CSA branch of the Dul Karvina mine at night and another three people suffered injuries, Zuzana Kolarikova, from the OKD coal mining company’s press department, said today. The tremor occurred at 21:20 on Thursday. The causes of the accident are being investigated by the Mining Authority, police, the OKD management and unions. OKD general director Klaus-Dieter Beck has expressed his deep sympathy to the family and all people close to the deceased employee. Beck said OKD is trying to increase the safety of mining but is unable to prevent certain natural phenomena. The latest case of a miner’s death in north Moravia occurred in July. A 32-year-old man died, probably hit by a falling piece of rock. This January, a 42-year-old miner died as a transport cage hit him about 900 meters underground.



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