Guyanese miner shot dead, employee critical after robbery

GEORGETOWN, Guyana — A 39-year-old miner was shot and killed while one of his colleagues is critical after a brazen attack on his mining dredge in the Barama River operations by gunmen on Saturday.  Regerton Simon, called ‘Baba’, died on the spot after he reportedly sustained multiple gunshot wounds. His colleague, 33-year-old Malvin Edwards,  was shot in the chest, head and right arm and is listed as critical after hospital officials say he suffered a punctured lung. Four other workers, said to be all Brazilians, including a female cook, escaped unhurt, all of whom police say are being questioned. Persons in the area recounted seeing two men in a boat with a 36 horsepower engine pass the dredge shortly before hearing bursts of gunfire. The survivors had reported seeing the same men pass some hours earlier before the shooting occurred. Donna Hinds, the shot man’s mother, said that doctors at the GPHC said her son was fortunate to have survived.  “The doctor said he lucky, the bullet miss he heart and punctured his lungs so he’s bleeding internally,” she said. Up to Monday no one had been arrested for the incident.

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