8,000 miners strike in Colombia

Production at Drummond Co.’s coal mine in Colombia was halted after workers started a strike Monday to demand safer conditions, Dow Jones Newswires reported today. Around 8,000 workers from its coal mine in La Loma and its port on the Caribbean went on strike after an accident caused the death of a truck driver, Stevenson Avila, the president of the union, told Dow Jones. The driver had been working at the mine for just a month when the accident happened, Avila said. Workers will strike until the company promises to add an experienced worker in each truck along with the driver, the union told Dow Jones. Birmingham-based Drummond produced more than 20 million tons of coal in La Loma last year. The company plans to invest more than $1.5 billion in a new Colombia mine that is expected to start production this year, Dow Jones said

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